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OHS Academic and Social-Emotional Support Team

OHS SSC Mission Statement:

The Owosso High School Student Services Center actively supports the academic and life goals of its students now and beyond high school, challenging them to reach higher. is the Official Academic Website Hosted by Owosso High School Student Services Center (OHS SSC) Department. 
The staff of the OHS SSC invite the community, parents, and students to visit their website to learn about all the SSC has to offer students and their parents. They also invite you to engage on social media by clicking Like & Following them on Facebook and Twitter.


The website combined with real-time announcements and event reminders on social media, are a powerful academic combination to being plugged into all of the OHS SSC Academic Need-to-Know year-round. Whether it’s registering for classes, exploring careers and the military, celebrating Honor Roll, planning for college, applying for scholarships, or how to write an essay, you will find these support tools and much more at  

The SSC strives to provide the students, parents and community with an information system that gives students the ability to prepare for high school and to go beyond high school planning into post-secondary career and college goal setting.

The SSC staff provides each student multiple opportunities to develop their individual path to a post-secondary degree according to their needs.

The SSC encourages students and their parents to continually access and utilize the various tools provided on and through our office to create goals for career readiness.