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2019-2020 Semester 2 Honor Roll


Graphic for S2 Honor Roll 2019-2020 Corr

Honor Roll is based on the grade point average of each course in a completed semester. This honor roll is for the second semester of the 2019-2020 term.

7-11-2020 Freshmen Poster Correction: We apologize to Miss Claire Agnew whose name was inadvertently cut off in the process of converting honoree names into graphic format. Congratulations Claire and to all the Class of 2023!


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12th OHS Honor Roll 2019-2020 Semester 2
OHS Honor Roll 2019-2020 Semester 2_Webs
OHS Honor Roll 2019-2020 Semester 2_Webs
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Reaching Higher with Mr. Z!

A video series to support students as they plan for their post-secondary goals

New Release May 22nd

This video targets OHS members of the Class of 2021. It outlines some important goals for the summer as juniors become seniors and prepare for further in their post-secondary planning. 

New Re-release May 22nd

This video targets OHS members of the Class of 2021. It outlines how to order your high school transcript each semester, and important skill when applying to college, trade school, military and more. This video teaches students how to use of the “customized” OHS-Parchment Portal specific to Owosso High School graduates as far back as the class of 2009 on up to the currently enrolled students. You can start now by going to the OHS-Parchment Portal online at

Published April 20th

Mr. Z's Tutorial: Transcript Ordering Through 

Custom OHS-Parchment Portal

This video is an tutorial on how currently enrolled students should use the custom OHS-Parchment Portal to order their current high school transcript. Although this video is targeted at juniors and seniors to prepare for their upcoming post-secondary plans, ALL grade level students can benefit from this important tutorial. The Custom OHS-Parchment Portal is available on this website at

Published April 14th

Mr. Z's Tutorial: Using to Plan Your Future & Scholarship Database

This video is a tutorial targeted at juniors and seniors, taking them on a tour of this OHS academic counselor's website,, with a special focus on the Scholarship Zone. The purpose is to help equip students for their post-secondary career!

2020-2021 Class Scheduling Support

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REGISTERING FOR SELECTIVE SERVICE: It's Still the Law! While there is no draft, all men 18-25 living in the U.S. must register with because it's still the law, it's your civic duty and a rite of passage. Plus, they will stay eligible for a lifetime of benefits. 


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