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Academic News

Updated 6-14-2024

Summer School Registration

Click here to learn more about our summer school program.

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New Reach Higher OHS Facebook Page

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We're thrilled to announce that the OHS Student Services Center has launched a new Facebook page Reach Higher OHSWhile we've experienced a loss of access to our previous Facebook page, "Reach Higher Owosso High School," we're turning this situation into an opportunity for growth and improvement. Some positives are that all of our unified communications are now named “Reach Higher OHS”. Another reliable way to access key social media posts is using our hashtags, and here are a few of the standard ones being used: #ReachHigherOHS, #OwossoHighSchool, #OwossoCollege, #OwossoScholarships, and #OwossoCareers. We also used cohort/class hashtags too, which evolves each year to identify and "speak" to a specific grade level of students: Class of 202 = #Owosso2025, Class of 2026 = #Owosso2026, Class of 2027 = #Owosso2027, Class of 2028 = #Owosso2028, and Class of 2029 (our pending incoming 9th graders) = Owosso2029. 


First step is to take a moment and connect with our NEW Facebook page, where we'll continue to share important updates, academic resources, scholarship opportunities, and more. Our commitment to supporting our students' academic journeys remains stronger than ever, and we're excited to have you join us on this new platform!


Here's how you can stay connected:

🔗 Website: Reach Higher OHS -

📘 Facebook: Reach Higher OHS -

📸 Instagram: Reach Higher OHS -


We understand that change can sometimes be unexpected, but we're confident that this transition will only enhance our ability to serve you better. While we hope to regain control of our previous Facebook page in the future, we encourage you to start following our new page today to stay informed and engaged.


Thank you for your continued support and understanding. Let's embark on this new journey together!


Registering for Selective Service:

It's Still the Law! While there is no draft, all men 18-25 living in the U.S. must register with because it's still the law, it's your civic duty and a rite of passage. Plus, they will stay eligible for a lifetime of benefits.

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