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Ways to Stay Connected Year Round

"When I'm on a roll nothing makes me happier or feel more satisfied,

like plugging in, life makes sense." ~ Beth Orton

The Owosso High School academic counselors and the college adviser regularly send important communications to parents and students via social media and email. Throughout the school year, you'll receive ongoing important emails from the principal and your school counselor. To ensure you don't miss out on critical information, please follow these communication steps:


  1. For StudentsCheck your Owosso Public Schools email account regularly. This is especially crucial for communicating with teachers, administrators, and counselors.

  2. For ParentsLet us know if you're not receiving email communications from the high school.

  3. For Students and ParentsConnect with the Reach Higher OHS (Official) Facebook page and the OHS Facebook page by clicking these links and selecting Like & Follow. This will ensure that you receive real-time alerts in your Notifications as information is posted.


If you have any questions contact the Student Services Center, 989-729-5495.

Parent Portal

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Social Media

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Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for academic exploration, success acknowledgments, career pathway opportunities, college application support, and financial student aid reminders. 


Explore various OHS Facebook pages, including the following:


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Stay informed with important messages, including school closures, academic newsletters, scholarship alerts, deadline reminders, event notices, and daily announcements.


If your email has changed, click here to update your contact information. If your email has changed, click here to update your contact information.

Email Daily Announcements:

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Stay updated with our daily announcements directly in your inbox! This email communication opportunity is available by request and includes:

  • Main Office Daily Announcements

  • Main Office Newsletter: Trojan Times

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