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May 25, 2020

Good evening,


I wanted to reach out to all of our OHS students and families who expressed interest in doing an Advanced Placement course at the high school for the 2020/21 school year. Normally, we would meet with the students as a group for each AP, so the students would get an idea of what the course would entail. However, because of the quarantine we will be providing that information virtually. As of today, we sent a mailing to your student's home that gives some instructions how to confirm their AP class(es) they requested within the last few months and to get information about any required summer homework. This email below will also describe the steps in detail. 


Because we need to get an idea about how many students will be requesting these AP classes, we require students to make a final commitment by June 1st, 2020. Please be aware of the following when picking AP courses:


AP Info to Consider

  • Students are required to take the end of the year AP exam for each AP course, which normally occurs in May at the school during school hours

  • The AP exams do cost money. Please let us know if this may be a deterrent for doing the class. 

  • AP class grades are weighted, meaning that the grading scale is on a 5.32 scale and not a normal 4.0

  • AP Biology and AP Chemistry are schedule to be a two hour block each

  • Online AP courses do exist, but the student would have had to request that early in the scheduling process with their counselor

  • If the teacher requires AP Summer homework, the student is required to complete it before school starts. Not doing so, could start the student with a zero in the gradebook.

  • Be aware of how many APs you will request for next year and take in consideration other after school activities. You do not want to overload your schedule.

  • AP courses are like college courses. Students need to be responsible, have good attendance, manage their time wisely, and willing to ask for help when needed

Mandatory AP Confirmation


Students are required to go to this site: to confirm their AP requests before June 1st, 2020. Students can RESUBMIT the form before June 1st, 2020 if they decide to change their mind. 


Any student who cannot remember what APs they requested can login to their account. The mailing that is coming in a few days will also provide what AP courses your student requested.


AP Summer Homework


Near the end of submitting the form, students will also be given a link to the live document for AP summer homework. It's highly suggested that students bookmark that link and continually go to that AP Summer Homework link several times throughout the Summer to see if their teacher has updated any information regarding the AP class.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate in contact us.


Jerry Ciarlino

Owosso High School 

Counselor of Classes 2020, 2021 & 2022

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