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Federal Student Aid Application Support

FAFSA Priority Deadline Permanently Extended!


The Michigan Department of Treasury and MI Student Aid announced last week that the Michigan FAFSA priority deadline has been extended to May 1, starting with the class of 2023. This is a permanent change, which gives Michigan students and their families more time to file the FAFSA and access valuable financial aid opportunities.


This deadline applies only to the Michigan Competitive Scholarship and the Michigan Tuition Grant. Students who may be eligible should file the FAFSA before May 1, as MI Student Aid will not award these scholarships to anyone who files after that date. Affordability remains one of the largest barriers to college access and success, and MCAN applauds this deadline change, which gives more students a chance to take advantage of these scholarship programs


Michigan Achievement Scholarship


The priority deadline does not apply to the new Michigan Achievement Scholarship. This scholarship will be awarded to eligible students until funds are exhausted, so it is in students' best interest to file the FAFSA as soon as possible.

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FSA ID Stands for Federal Student Aid Identification (FSA ID). FSA ID allows users to securely log in to U.S. Department of Education websites like The video above, "How to create an FSA ID tutorial" walks students and parents through the process of creating their own FSA ID. 

  1. Personal Identification Information 

  2. Profile Information Page

  3. Challenge Questions

  4. Confirm and Verify your Information 

  5. Verify your Mobile Phone

  6. Verify your Email Address​


Do I qualify for MI Student Aid through Student Scholarships and Grants?

​FAFSA Submission Requires

Your Social Security Number!

​Do You Know Your SS#?

Money is Waiting for You: Be Ready & 


Katy Perry Helps You Memorize

Your Social Security #

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