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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is the school code for Owosso HS?

A: Our school code is 232915.  The code is used by the testing companies to identify the school you attend.  The colleges and universities use this code to identify the type of school you graduate from.

Q: What is the dates for the Michigan Merit Exam for juniors?

A: Annually in Spring. Please check the Calendar of Events page on this website to see actual test dates. ONLY Juniors will attend school to take the 1st day of the Michigan Merit Exam which is the ACT Test.  Day 2 and 3 the students will take tests while the rest of the school is in session.  On Day 2 the students will take the WorkKeys Assessment that provides a score for the students employability skill level.  On Day 3 the students will take the Michigan Assessments for Math, Social Studies and Reading to see if they have met the benchmarks for the Michigan standards.

Q: When do I submit my FAFSA Application?

A: You cannot begin submitting the FAFSA application until January 1st.  But you should submit it before March 1st of each year.  Students will have more of a chance to receive the funds available the closer they submit the FAFSA application to January 1st.  Click here for FAFSA site.

Q: Should I pay someone to help me get my student scholarship awards?

A: You should never need to pay someone to find scholarships for you.  These individuals are charging you for information you can receive for free.  Paying someone to spend the time to do the searching and research for you is one thing but you should steer away from anyone "guaranteeing" you will be awarded a scholarship. That usually is a sign of a SCAM.

Q: How do I apply for financial aid?

A: The FAFSA uses your parents' financial information from the previous year, so it cannot be completed until January 1 of your senior year. If your parents are divorced, only the custodial parent has to complete a FAFSA. If your parents share custody, the parent who provides the majority of your financial support should complete the FAFSA. Although you have the option to complete a paper FAFSA or online version, it is highly recommended that you submit your FAFSA online. Doing so prevents mistakes and dramatically reduces the length of time it takes to process your application. Once your application has been processed, you will receive a report indicating what Federal Student Aid you are eligible for, and the amount of your Expected Family Contribution. Colleges and universities also sponsor numerous scholarships specific to their institution. Often, any student who is accepted to the school is considered for these scholarships. Sometimes a special application process is required. Check with the financial aid office at the school of your choice for more information.

Q: When should I send in my college applications?

A: Most colleges and universities begin accepting applications in September of each year.  As many colleges meet their admissions goals earlier and earlier it is recommended to send the applications in as early as you can.  The competitive nature of the admission process in the college admission world is extremely high so getting your application in as soon as you can and even before school begins is the best idea.  The Student Services Center Counselors will accept applications the week of registration each year.  This is usually the 3rd week of August.  Because September and October find the Admission Representatives of the colleges and universities visiting high school the actual review of applications may not take place until October in some cases.

Q: What do I do if I cannot afford to pay the college application fee?

A: Students unable to afford the application fee should ask their counselor at the high school to complete the NACAC fee waiver form or have them write a letter to be included in your application or faxed to the admissions office stating the economic hardship of the student.

Q: When I apply to colleges do I have to send all of my ACT or SAT scores?

A: The testing companies will only send the scores that you request be sent.  Remember when you register for the ACT or SAT there is an opportunity to request up to 4 colleges or universities receive your scores at not cost to you.  If you want to send a different set of scores you will have to go online to ACT or SAT websites and request those scores be sent at a cost.

Q: How can I request a specific teacher?

Q: How do I request a schedule change and is there a deadline?

A: Students can go into the Student Services Center and complete a Counselor Appointment Request Form that they can place in on the pocket on their counselors door. The counselor will send for the student as soon as possible. Students can also email counselors by using the counselor's last name and attaching this domain "counselor's last name". Email addresses can be found on the homepage of this website. And parents and students can also submit a requests through the web based contact form on the tab titled, "Request Appointment with a Counselor".

Q: What do I do if I have a concern about a teacher or a complaint about a teacher?

A: avoid unnecessary confusion.  Using email or a phone conversation many times clears up any potential conflicts.  Should you not be able to resolve the situation you would want to contact the counselor and if it still seems to persist you would then contact the principal.

Q: Can I get tutoring for my student?

A: Owosso HS teaching staff provide an average of 3 days a week of after school and lunch time tutoring to any student who would like help with their school work. Scheduled dates for the After School Tutoring (AST) and Lunch Time Tutoriing (LST) are available in the Student Services Center. 

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