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Graduates of 2008 and Earlier...

 Your Transcript is

Not Available Online.

Order Paper Transcripts from OHS Registrar: Print Order Form

The Custom OHS-Parchment Portal is for Use by
ONLY OHS Graduates from 2009 and up to the 
Currently Enrolled Students

ALERT: If you graduated before 2009, you MUST only order through the
OHS main office - CLICK HERE to access the main office instructions and form.

Ordering Online Allows for the Sending of the Current High School Transcript to a College, Recruiter, Personal Copy, and More.

Students and parents can Pre-Order their NEXT semester transcript by selecting the option
"Hold for Grades" before submitting the order.

Parents! Only order using a Parent-Account, do not create/order through a Student-Account.
You can order for your student until July 31, after they graduate.
After that, Parchment considers them an adult.  


If you need a special paper transcript, Click Here make your FREE request through Mrs. Pilon. 

Order Warning: Order fulfillment may be delayed when submitted during emergency/weather closures and official school breaks.

OHS Parchment Portal Tips: Register, Request, Track your orders. Support tutorial video below.


  • Current Student/2009+ Graduate = Create "Learner" Account

  • Parent/Legal Guardian = Create "Parent/Guardian" Account

To Hold or Not to Hold Your Order?
This is just ONE of the important considerations to keep in mind in order to correctly order your high school transcript for yourself or to send to others.

Remember: Whatever your scenario, ALWAYS place orders through the above linked custom OHS-Parchment Portal.

Student-athletes should request their transcript to be sent each semester to that warehouse.

Q: What if a college or sports recruiting organization needs my transcript right now!

A: The default order setting on Parchment is to send your current transcript immediately. This means the receiver will receive your last transcript on record. It is especially important when submitting a college application, to send your current transcript immediately, and additionally take steps to pre-order your next transcript as well. 

Pre-order our next transcript by selecting "Hold for Grades" before submitting your order.

Q: When should I request the next transcript to be sent?

A: Place a "HOLD FOR GRADES" order now - don't wait! If a college or sports recruiting organization (like NCAA/NCSA) is anxious to receive your NEXT transcript, place another but choose the option "HOLD FOR GRADES" before clicking the submit button. This option provides your NEXT transcript the moment the Principal deems them accurate and approved for distribution.

You can email your unofficial transcript, using Parchment, and sending to a recruiter or coach.

Q: What are my options when a college recruiter/coach, or insurance agent asks me to provide them a "copy" of my transcript as part of our meeting.

A: Typically this means they are fine with an *unofficial copy* of your transcript, allowing them to include in their decision-making, your grades, GPA, attendance, and test scores. You have full control over an unofficial copy. When ordering choose the option, "Send to Myself". This option provides you a PDF of your current transcript. You can then Print or Email the PDF to the person asking for your transcript.

Electronic transcript orders on Parchment are free. See Mrs. Pilon if a paper transcript is needed.

Q: I am currently enrolled and Parchment is free to me. But why am I being charged a fee? (If this happens, back out of the order and contact Mrs. Pilon who will guide you through a solution. Usually the answer is one the 3 noted below.)


A: Electronic sending orders are free to currently enrolled students until July 31 of the graduation year. If you are being charged a fee then one of the following is likely happening:

  • Your graduation year is incorrectly reported in your Parchment account. Log into Parchment, check your Account information, making sure your Grad/Leave Year is correct.

  • Check to see if you ordered a paper copy by mail (order paper copies from Mrs. Pilon for FREE).

  • If you're a 5th year student and you are currently in your 5th year, it is likely Parchment is seeing you as a graduate. Resolve by logging into Parchment and change your account to reflect your *NEW* Grad/Leave Year as your literal 5th year, but do not do not do this step until your 5th year has begun. (i.e., Your graduation cohort was Class of 2019, but your 5th year is Class of 2020. For Parchment-purposes you will change your account to make you a member of the Class of 2020 and placed a new order, which should be free.)


If your college is not available on Parchment, ask Mrs. Pilon for help.

Q: What if I need an official signed-sealed paper copy of my transcript for a small college (not showing up in Parchment) or for a scholarship opportunity I am applying to?

A: Post-pandemic, the new process is to submit a request to Mrs. Pilon through this website's support request portal. Start by going to and submitting an electronic request. The support from Mrs. Pilon is free of charge, but please keep your deadline in mind as you give her at least 3 business days to comply with the request. 

Transcript Ordering Tutorial by Mr. Z!

Transcript Ordering Tutorial by Mr. Z.