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OHS SSC MISSION STATEMENT: The Owosso High School Student Services Center actively supports the academic and life goals of its students now and beyond high school, challenging them to reach higher. 

"Reach Higher OHS" and "Reach Higher Owosso High School" are brand related terms owned and exclusively used by Owosso High School's Student Services Center Team (SSC). The SSC team is made up of the school's academic counselors, career adviser, and social workers.

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OHS SSC Newsletter

Owosso High School Student Services Center

Current Academic Information from Counselors & Social Workers

Issue: January-February 2020



  • Jan 31 - Shiawassee Community Foundation Application Deadline

  • Feb 3 - FAFSA Monthly Drawing

  • Feb 3 - FAFSA Workshop, 5:00-7:30 pm, Career Center

  • Feb 3-7 - Senior 7th Semester Transcripts Scheduled for Release

  • Feb 11 - Michigan National Guard Lunchtime Guest

  • Feb 13 - United States Navy Lunchtime Guest

  • Feb 14 - Half Day School Schedule

  • Feb 17-21 - Semester 1 Honor Roll Scheduled for Release

  • Feb 27 - 8th Grade Counselor Presentation at OMS

  • Feb 27 - FAFSA Workshop, 5:00-7:30 pm, Career Center

  • Feb 29 - FAFSA Final Drawing Deadline (before Midnight)

  • Mar 2 - FAFSA Final Drawing

  • Mar 4 - Half Day School Schedule

  • Mar 5 - United States Marine Corps Lunchtime Guest


There are 5 school days left before the Shiawassee Community Foundation’s (SCF) application deadline, Friday, January 31. Applicants are considered for a variety of over a dozen local scholarships collectively valued over $35,000 of FREE money for college.

When applying for the SCF scholarships, it is important to remember to enter the name “Mrs. Pilon” and email “pilons@owosso.k12.mi.us” on the application’s transcript section.

For important links for this and other scholarship opportunities please visit the Scholarship Zone webpage on the SSC website, ReachHigherOHS.org/scholarships. And we encourage students and parent to follow the SSC on social media for real-time alerts when scholarship opportunities become available - Facebook.com/ReachHigherOwossoHighSchool and Twitter.com/ReachHigherOHS.



It is time for seniors and senior parents to complete the FAFSA. The SSC is offering ongoing incentives, support workshops, and individual appointments. One exciting incentive involves head-shaving! The challenge hinges on the Class of 2020 meeting certain completion goals, if met, will result in Mr. Ciarlino, Mr. Woltjer and Mr. Zyrowski shaving their heads. Additionally, there have been ongoing monthly drawings for movie theater gift cards the first Monday of each month. The next movie gift card drawing is scheduled for Monday, February 3.

To qualify for the final drawing on March 2, seniors and their parents must complete the FAFSA before Midnight, February 29. Final drawing prizes will include $25 iTunes or Amazon gift cards drawing for seniors, and a $100 Miejer gift card drawing for the parent drawing. Movie theater gift cards.

The FAFSA Workshop will be held on February 3 and 27, 5:00-7:30 p.m., in the new Career Center. The Career Center is in room 309 which is located directly across from the new Main Office.

During the workshops our college adviser, Mr. Andrew Zyrowski, will help seniors and senior parents navigate the path of requirements to complete both the parent and student portions of the FAFSA. Below is a list of what parents and students need in order to come prepared for the workshop.


Students and Parents Need to Bring:

  • 2018 Tax Returns

  • FSA ID Login

  • Social Security Number

If remaining Workshop dates do not work with your schedule, please request for an individual appointment with either the college adviser, Mr. Zyrowski, ph: 989-729-5501, em: zyrowski@owosso.k12.mi.us, or senior counselor, Mr. Ciarlino, ph: 989-729-5500, em: ciarlino@owosso.k12.mi.us.


The semester one report cards were mailed to homes on January 20. If you do not receive the report card by the week of March 3, please contact the main office to confirm the correct mailing address is on record.


The counselors encourage all students to take advantage of opportunities to learn about college campus life and to explore colleges they are considering. This is why the counselors provide access to information about colleges, universities, and trade schools that host their own events on their campuses. These events allow students and parents to visit a college as they enjoy an event and tour the campus.

A calendar of local college events can be found year-round on the College Zone page of the ReachHigherOHS.org/college website. You will find easy access information and registration links for events being held through April. If you don’t see your college of interest, contact that college and ask them about their campus tour events.

Attendance is arranged by the student-parent as a whole and not managed through Owosso High School. Be sure to read event details carefully, making sure to pre-register if indicated. 

It is not too early or too late to explore your future career and get a feel for what attending college will be like.



7th semester is over and updated senior transcripts will become available on the OHS-Parchment Portal by the end of January. Right NOW is the perfect time to PRE-ORDER your 7th semester transcript! PRE-ORDERS require you to select the “Hold for Grades” option before clicking the Submit order button. It is Your responsibility to send updated transcripts each semester to all of the colleges and trade schools that you’ve applied and are still considering attending. Hold-for-Grades PRE-ORDERS will be automatically released the moment the transcripts are approved by Mr. Phillips. PRE-ORDER now and check it off your senior worry list. Parents should only order through a “Parent Account” until their senior turns 18 years of age. To PRE-ORDER go to ReachHigherOHS.org/transcript.

Need an official “paper” transcript? Small/out-of-state colleges and non-electronic scholarship applications might require a official copy of your transcript. The form is accessible in the SSC. Submit form to Mrs. Pilon with a minimum of 3-5 day notice.


The SSC utilizes the parent/guardian email address in PowerSchool when sending out electronic communications, such as event invitations, reminders and this newsletter. If you are not receiving SSC emails, please consider one or both of the following steps. First, check your email browser to be sure emails from the email extension “@owosso.k12.mi.us” are not bumping to a junk mail folders. If you have a new email address you’d like us to use, please submit an email change form at ReachHigherOHS.org/email.

2020-2021 CLASS SCHEDULING: Curriculum Guides & Career Cruising

It is that time of year when counselors start looking at class scheduling for the next school year. Your student’s counselor will be visiting classrooms to talk about all of the exciting opportunities available to them in the 2020-2021 school year.

Expect your student to bring home a class registration worksheet showing all of the potential classes and programs. Mr. Ciarlino will visit the Sophomore and Junior classes the week of January 27th. Mr. Woltjer will visit the Freshman classes the week of February 3rd and the 8th grade scheduling begins on February 27th at Owosso Middle School.

On January 15 the curriculum guides were published online and available now on the SSC website, ReachHigherOHS.org/curriculum.

Both counselors will teach students how to select classes through careercruising.com and within a few weeks after their first visit, Mr. Ciarlino and Mr. Woltjer will sit individually with their students to finalize their choices.

Students and parents should take the time now to carefully review the course descriptions and prerequisites listed in the current Curriculum Guides, which is to be used with the ​appropriate grade level course registration worksheet.​ This is highly advised before the student finalizes their class requests.

Students were provided a Career Cruising card by their counselor during the October 9th GLAD (Grade Level Advisory Day): which included their unique usernames and password. If a student misplaced their card, below is the Career Cruising Login Tips to help remember:

  1. Username: OWOS-[PowerSchool Username] 

  2. Password: [Date of Birth MMDDYYYY]


  • Password Tip: If your birthdate is January 26, 1999, then you would type = 01261999

  •  Username Tip: If a student’s PowerSchool Username doesn’t work, they should try their Student Number.


Do you know how your student is doing academically?

Each parent and guardian has a unique username and password to log into the Parent Portal on PowerSchool, website: ps.owosso.k12.mi.us/public.

If you are having trouble logging in please contact Mrs. Pilon, pilon@owosso.k12.mi.us or call at 989-729-5495.



Series for Parents–Planning, the key to your child’s journey...


Exploring programs of study and careers that fit for your child

Some students have known since kindergarten what they want to do when they grow up. Others aren’t sure, even with high school graduation right around the corner.

No matter which group your child belongs to, don't worry. There's plenty of time for them to decide on a college major and career path. They'll probably even change their mind a few times—and that's OK.

The following tips can help you get your child thinking about what majors and careers may be a good fit for them.  Bottom line is they need to “HAVE A PLAN.”

Start a Conversation – If asked can your child answer this questions, “What is your plan after high school graduation?”  Responding with, “I don’t know.” Is not acceptable.

The first step in helping your child choose a career path is to talk with them. No matter how well you know your child, some of their interests may surprise you.

· Ask about their interests. It may be no secret that your child loves animals, but did you know they’re also fascinated by bridges? Or maybe they dream of conducting an orchestra. If you want your child to have a career they enjoy, it’s important to learn what they like to do.


· Make a list. Have your child make a list of the activities they enjoy, as well as areas they’re interested in exploring.

Almost every interest is associated with at least one college major—and every major is associated with at least one profession. Getting your child to articulate their interests is a good way for them to begin thinking about what they want to study in college.

Match Interests to Majors and Careers

Once your child has made a list of their interests, ask them to write down all the college majors that seem related. There are some great online tools to help you and your child connect their interests to majors.

Roadmap to Careers is a free, interactive website that asks students what most inspires and interests them, then displays the majors and career fields that best match their responses. The site, which is available exclusively to students who've taken the SAT or a PSAT-related assessment, features videos of professionals talking about their jobs and the path they took to get there.

Visit Roadmap to Careers

BigFuture is another great resource for your child to learn what majors and careers might be right for them. It’s got expert advice from college faculty and staff and interviews with college students discussing how and why they chose a particular major.

  • Visit BigFuture.com

Next, it's time for your child to think about what careers those majors might prepare them for. One profession may match two or more of your child’s interests.

For example, if your child is a people person who’s into economics, they might want to major in psychology or business, and human resources might be a good career choice.

Whatever you and your child explore, be sure to take the time during the high school years to look seriously at what is next and set down a plan.  The Owosso HS Student Services Center will continue to assist wherever possible with you and your child’s exploration toward a career path and the education needed to reach that career goal. 

Next Month’s Newsletter – Key artifacts students should store in their memory banks (or cell phone contacts)…