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Owosso High School Student Services Center

Current Academic Information from Counselors & Social Workers

Issue: February-March 2020



  • Mar 1 - FAFSA Michigan Deadline

  • Mar 2-6 - National Social Workers Week

  • Mar 9 - Unpaid AP Fees Turned Over to Main Office “Fines & Fees”

  • Mar 13 - End of Marking Period 3

  • Mar 27 - Dual Enrollment Application Deadline: No Exceptions

  • Mar 30-Apr 3 - No School: Spring Break



The 8th grade students at OMS, Salem, and St Paul, and the current 9th-11th grade OHS students will all have several opportunities to meet with their high school counselor and to learn about the curriculum prior to scheduling classes for their 2020-2021 courses.

Counselors have been meeting with students about their course options for next year. With over 300 courses offered through Owosso High School programming, there is a lot to consider as we join together to support students through the process. The Student Services Center encourages all parents to take part in the process with their child. Counselors urge parents to sit down together with them, log into the Career Cruising website, explore the options, and set a plan.


The Curriculum Guides give students and parents important information for informed decision making and include the expectations, prerequisites, and requirements for each course.



Does your child talk about wondering if they can do college course work? Do you wonder what would happen if your child took a risk and tried a course that might be difficult? The counselors in the Student Services Center have asked the students to consider this very thing. Just take a leap of faith and see if you have the skills to do college work and just did not realize it. Sign up for an Advanced Placement course for next year.

Q: Will it be scary?

A: Maybe but there will be a teacher there to help you.

Q: Will it hurt my gpa?

A: You could choose to take the class for a CREDIT (CR) or NO CREDIT (NC), this means your gpa would not be impacted if the grade you received was low but would show that you took the course and passed it.

Just having the experience can lift your confidence and motivate students to reach a little more each time.


Experience gives all of us life lessons to build on. Understanding what is expected of you in the post-secondary world of learning while still in high school can make that next step so much easier. Ask your teacher what class they would recommend you try for your first AP course.



That very question was answered on February 19 at the FAFSA Completion Head Shaving Challenge, putting any doubt to rest as they honored the first incentive goal of a two part challenge to the Class of 2020.

  • Goal #1: 50% FAFSA completion by February’s Grade Level Advisory Day = Shaving the college adviser, Mr. Zyrowski and freshmen counselor, Mr. Woltjer.

  • Goal #2: 80% FAFSA completion by midnight on March 1 = shaving senior counselor, Mr. Ciarlino.



All completers of the Michigan FAFSA Deadline, Midnight, Saturday, March 1, will be automatically included in Mr. Zyrowski’s FAFSA Completion Incentives Drawing scheduled on March 2.

It is important to Start, but equally important to Finish your FAFSA application. Before starting, it is important for the student and parent to each have readily available their (1) FSA ID login, (2) 2018 tax documents (if applicable) and (3) personal email login. Here’s how to contact Mr. Zyrowski, college adviser, zyrowski@owosso.k12.mi.us or 989-729-550 or Mr. Ciarlino, senior counselor, ciarlino@owosso.k12.mi.us or 989-729-5500.


Scholarship Zone: Many Avenues to Scholarship Eligibility

Over a dozen local, regional and state scholarships are now updated on Scholarship Zone database available year-round on the OHS SSC Reach Higher OHS website. Many of the updated scholarships have deadlines now through May and require time in order to properly prepare in order to apply. Learn more and access applications online at www.ReachHigherOHS.org/scholarships.

And remember that all of the staff in the Student Services Center are always available to support you in your scholarship applications.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out, watching for THESE images shown right, on the OHS SSC Reach Higher OHS Facebook page. Whenever an annual scholarship is renewed or a new scholarship is added to the Scholarship Zone database, this image is used to alert followers of a new opportunity in real-time online.



Seniors who are awarded competitive and academic merit scholarships play a key role in the annual senior honors convocation event held each May. Some seniors have already begun to receive scholarship award notifications, and some will begin receiving offers now through spring. In order for a senior and their scholarship to be included in the honors convocation program, seniors and their parents must provide the scholarship award information now through May 10. Typically awards are sent to students by mail and email. Awards can be from organizations and colleges. From colleges the awards can be in a formal letter or listed in a financial aid statement. The moment an award is communicated, please take a snapshot or scan and submit it to Mrs. Pilon, pilon@owosso.k12.mi.us or Mr. Zyrowski, zyrowski@owosso.k12.mi.us. Students can also bring in the award letter for Mrs. Pilon in the Student Services Center and she will make a photocopy. Exception: Shiawassee Community Foundation scholarship winners do not need to notify OHS. The Foundation will provide a confidential winner-list to Mrs. Pilon.




We encourage interested seniors and their parents to learn about the BEKUM America Corp in Williamston for their apprenticeship opportunities. The application deadline is March 31.

  • Machine Builders

  • Machinists

  • Electricians

  • Mechatronics

  • Welder/Steel Fabricators


Click here or image for the complete three-page application packet available on the Career Zone webpage on Reach Higher OHS website: www.ReachHigherOHS.org/career.

To learn in more detail about Bekum and the program online go directly to their program page: www.bekumamerica.com/careers/apprenticeships.




Some students and parents/guardians face unique situations that result in challenges that feel like barriers when applying for financial aid.  Death of a parent, single parent, foster care, independent/ward of the court, legal guardianship, emancipation, risk of being homeless/homeless/unaccompanied youth, independent/self-supporting youth, and the like.

To help students overcome such challenges the National Association of Student Financial Administrators (NASFAA) created the four-page packet, “Students in Unique Situations”. Click here or the image left to access this important Q & A tips packet now linked to the OHS SSC’s FAFSA Zone webpage online at ReachHigherOHS.org/fafsa.


SENIORS!  Did you miss the March 1 FAFSA deadline? Are you still considering attending college during 2020-2021? If you don’t file your FAFSA before the State of Michigan March 1 deadline, there is still time! 

Financial aid is dispersed on a first come, first serve basis. What you will have missed out on is aid from the State of Michigan, however, you can still file on the federal level. 

If you have not yet started the process of filing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), go to www.fsaid.ed.gov to create your Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID), which will act as your login credentials on the Federal Aid website and will also act as your electronic signature once you complete the application. To file, you will need: your own unique FSA ID, your social security number (SSN), and your 2018 taxes if you filed. Your parent will need: their own unique FSA ID, their social security number (SSN), 2018 taxes if they filed and any other records of income for the household. If you need help or want a one-on-one appointment, please seek out your college adviser, Mr. Zyrowski! His email is zyrowski@owosso.k12.mi.us and phone number is (989) 729-5501.

Debating between two colleges? Have you been to one but you aren't quite sure just yet? Are there other campuses you'd like to tour that we haven't been to yet? Please stop by to room 309 to let Mr. Zyrowski know as he plans for March and April!



FACT: The reality is there’s no income cut-off to qualify for federal student aid. It doesn’t matter if you have a low or high income, you will still qualify for some type of financial aid, including low-interest student loans. Many factors besides income—such as your family size and your year in school—are taken into account. Your eligibility is determined by a mathematical formula, not by your parents’ income alone.

TIP: When you fill out the FAFSA, you’re also automatically applying for funds from your state, and possibly from your school as well. In fact, some schools won’t even consider you for any of their scholarships (including academic scholarships) until you’ve submitted a FAFSA. Don’t make assumptions about what you’ll get—fill out the application and find out! 

Click here to read the complete blog.


Hello Owosso Seniors and Parents/Legal Guardians!


As March approaches, I wanted to be sure to reach out to you concerning your college admissions process. Since funding is limited, it is crucial that, if you are considering attending college, you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Financial aid is given on a first-come, first serve basis. By completing the FAFSA before the State of Michigan deadline, March 1, you will have the best opportunity to receive state and federal aid in the form of grants, loans, etc. Applying after this deadline is still an option, however you may not qualify for the maximum amount of aid available. College application deadlines vary by institution; therefore, it is important that you complete your applications as early as possible.


If you have submitted a college application or have completed the FAFSA, please let me know by contacting me at zyrowski@owosso.k12.mi.us. If you have not completed the FAFSA please do so at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Once you complete the FAFSA, you should receive your Student Aid Report (SAR). Check back in a 1-3 days to be sure your application was processed successfully. At the very latest, if you plan to attend college during 2020-2021, it is imperative you file the FAFSA by June 30 at the latest.


‘College’ refers to any post-secondary credential beyond high school including certifications and academic degrees. The process of applying to college and for financial aid can be strenuous without the right resources. I am available if you need any assistance with this process. I encourage you to complete at least one college application and submit the FAFSA. Even if you are not currently thinking about college, it is still a good experience, should your plans change or you reconsider attending in the future.


To support all seniors and their post-secondary exploration the OHS Student Services Center offers the following support pages on their Reach Higher OHS website: Career Zone, College Zone, FAFSA Zone, Military Zone, and Scholarship Zone.


On the Scholarship Zone you will find a unique database ally highlighting local, regional and state scholarships unique for OHS students. The database offers a quick description and links to online applications: www.reachhigherohs.org/scholarships. And the following trusted sites are also beneficial when searching for scholarships nation-wide that you qualify for: www.michigan.gov/mistudentaidbigfuture.collegeboard.org/scholarship-searchwww.unigo.com/scholarshipswww.scholarships.com, and www.fastweb.com.


I am more than willing to assist you in the college admissions process. I encourage you to stop by my office (Room 309, in the Senior hallway) to talk more about your options. Please contact me with questions or concerns. You and/or your parent/guardian can reach me by phone at (989) 729-5501 or by email at zyrowski@owosso.k12.mi.us.


Mr. Zyrowski

College Adviser

Michigan College Access Network

Owosso High School




GPA of 4.00 and above - Hannah J. Archer, Grace A. Basso, Abigail X. Box, Olivia R. Carlton, Katie A. Clevenger, Brendan J. Coffman, Mason W. Collard, Rachael M. Dahl, Alexander A. Dallas, Alaina R. Davis, Lilyann L. Davis, Joey Devaras, Kathleen A. Dignan, Claire M. Drake, Luisa L. Espinoza, Jacob A. Evon, Lynnae S. Gilman, Ashtyn A. Guru, Brooke M. Hemker, Matthew T. Hier, Sarah A. Horger, Mckenzie M. Idle, Joseph C. Jungerheld III, Allie N. Langdon, Ying Ma, Wyatt L. MacLaughlin, Maya J. Manuel, Autumn R. Merrihew, Carson R. Meyer, Gideon E. N. Millar, Malyrie L. Montroy, Harper A. Newell, Lauren M. Park, Alyssa M. Parsons, Avery M. Peplinski, Lily K. A. Pirochta, Alexandria G. Pumford, Seth A. Ralph, Samantha K. Randall, Andrew C. Savage, William J. Scrimger, Andrea M. Sibert, Alexander J. Smith, Jorden C. Sowash, Alvina R. Stephenson, Emily P. Teunis, Braden L. Triggs, Mackenon M. Tyrrell, Andrew W. Vreibel, Elizabeth A. Vreibel, Hannah G. Walters, Leah M. Zaleski.

GPA of 3.5 to 3.99 - Taylor J. Bacon, Elleah R. Barnhill, Zachary A. Baumgaertel, Fioroni L. Bedore, Skylar M. Birge, Trevor N. Bowers, Clover A. Brandt, Elcy L. Brault, Villarroya A. Bueno, Nathan M. Bump, Benjamin T. Bush, Alexis L. Chamberlin, Alyza L. Chapko, Hannah M. Cole, Chelsea N. Conley, Niccolo Contini, Brandie S. Crambell, Veronica R. Cramton, Sierra M. Crugher, Ethan S. DeMeules, Sean A. Dewley, Jason G. Dingman, Ericka L. Durfee, Stephanie M. Ellsworth, Madison L. Fauth, Jenna L. Fergusson, Kayla A. Findley, Ashley N. Flatter, Maxwell A. Grettenberger, Nathaniel E. Grettenberger, Nathan M. Gute, Andrea C. Guysky, Logan M. Haas, Parker M. Hasyn, Brendon S. Hath, Brooke R. Helvie, Kelcie A. Herald, Shaylee M. Hill, Hayden R. Hockman, Brett R. Hudecek, Theodore R. Hunt II, Rafe M. G. Jacobs, Noah E. Jafri, Kristian A. Keyes, Carsyn C. Lamrouex, Zoie M. Martinez, Emily B. McCall, Taylee F. R. McDonald, Grace M. Miller, Rebecca A. Mills, Jace O. Nohel, Kaylee R. Parish, AbaGail R. Rose, Reed A. Scripter, Emma J. Smith, McKenna M. Sovis, Connor O. P. Spencer, Hailie M. Taylor, Alex J. Triggs, Matthew J. VanderMolen, Michael A. Vetter, Dakota T. Vincent, Christian N. Wagner, Jalen R. West, Hunter A. Wilhelm, Danielle N. Wilkinson, Kylee A. Williams, Jacob A. Wood, Izabelle A. Woodbury, Madison D. Woods, Caleb R. Woodward.

GPA of 3.0 to 3.49 - Kaleb C. Anderson, Colton J. Blaha, Angela S. Denning, Shelby L. Gokee, Skye J. Haas, Ollie A. Hascall, Emily F. Heise, Blake L. Johnston, Kyla R. Kinney, Bradley J. Leasher, Kylie L. Lewis, Ariana S. Loomis, Connor J. Madsen, Makayla L. Martin, Edward G. Mishler II, Virginia G. Nitz, Jonathan W. Pierce, Charles R. Poag II, Michael G. Porubsky, Alyssa D. Potter, Savannah R. Presley, Jacob M. Randall, Anna K. Salisbury, Coelho D. B. Silva, Kenneth M. Stevenson, Daniel J. Strauss, Peter P. Thiede III, Cameron J. Triggs, Faith A. VanderMolen, Luke U. VanOver, Isaac H. Woodward, Emily G. Woodworth.



GPA of 4.00 and above - Kelsey M. Andrykovich, Makenna M. Atkins, Lauryn H. Ayers, Connor S. Bartlett, Andrew H. Chapko, Brennan W. Chapman, Jacob T. Clarke, Ethan C. Coons, Ruthie M. Dignan, Claudia D. Drake, Lauren Gaskin, Anna N. Griffin, Rory B. Grinnell, Jacob J. Hall, Brynley M. Hay, Cara F. Henderson, Tyler D. Hoag, Olivia A. Konsdorf, Silas O. Krajniak, William W. LaVigne, Wyatt C. Leland, Annie M. Sayers, Lauren R. Skinner, Arianna M. Stewart, Emily G. Summerland, Elizabeth C. Tolrud, Reyn E. A. Tuttle, Joseph G. Wagner, Noah M. Waldorf, Sierra L. Wiseley, Sarah P. Wittum.

GPA of 3.5 to 3.99 - Jillian N. Bagwell, Javan C. Barnhill, Angela E. Basarabska-Bruff, Jazmyne C. M. Bolton, Adam J. Chmiko, Maddison M. Clark, Mariah L. Cole, Samantha B. Cooper, Abigale L. Corp, Kaitlyn M. Cummings, Britteny A. Davis, Alaynie E. Drury, Olivia Dunn, Alex R. Elford, Avery N. Fear, Samuel Feldpausch, Ava C. Fett, Olivia G. Frey, Nicholas A. Garrison, Abby R. Gilroy, Katie H. Gilroy, Nevaeh M. Ginger, Bryan A. Hathaway, Kenneth R. Hickmott, Reid A. Hoag, Nick D. Horton, Aubree K. Irish, Brenden N. Kenney, Karley F. Kincaid, Addison M. Kregger, John A. Kulhanek, Winter J. Lowe, Savannah L. McVay, Olivia J. Mehay, Noah S. Oszust, Tess C. Passinault, Autumn S. Patterson, Emma L. Perry, Madyson M. Rainey, Kody R. Rees, Sarah E. Roose, Precious D. Rouser, Dominick M. Salander, Brooke Stechschulte, Hayley F. Stone, Isaac C. Taylor, MaKenna M. VanBelkum, Ashly K. Walker, Paige A. Watkins, Benjamin J. Welz, Myra E. L. Whiteside, Dominique J. Wilkinson, Lonnie R. Wisenbaugh, Rachel G. Wittum.

GPA of 3.0 to 3.49 - Tyler J. Arriaga, Shore A. BeDen, Olivia J. Berry, Dreyden P. Bila, Kaylee N. Bowen, Brooklynn M. Crackel, Isaiah R. Craig, Katelyn M. Davies, Taylor N. DeWolf, Michael J. Forrester, Erick M. Foster, Kaylie J. Foster, Jaxon R. Frantz, Brian H. Freeman II, Tabitha J. Glover, Lyric J. Green, Karson L. Holcomb, Sophia M. Jones, Hanna M. A. Kappelman, Jacob R. Keihl, Madelyn E. Kondel, Madison R. Kregger, Mira K. Langdon, Ann M. Mason, Bryce C. McQuiston, Clairabella L. Musson, Peter C. Parker, Jessica M. Porter, Mackenzie K. Scrimger, Ella Smewing, Seth M. St Clair.



GPA of 4.00 and above - Kendall R. Anderson, Claire A. Ardelean, Keera L. Barnhill, Draven A. Barrett, Kate Easlick, Ellie Feldpausch, Nicholas E. Hollenback, Emmalee K. Hudecek, Hannah S. Hudecek, Aaron R. Jafri, Evelyn R. Johnson, Kayla R. Keller, Harrison D. Ketchum, Madisyn G. Ketchum, Jillian Klaver, Mara M. LaHaine, Mya P. LaMay, Kevin D. Laskowski, Joseph M. Marcotte, Summer L. Miller, Stella Passow, Jack W. Smith, Justin D. Svarc, Samantha R. Thayer.


GPA of 3.5 to 3.99 - Jayden L. Antes, Rylie A. Baker, Sawyer M. Ball-Duley, Camden A. Barnhill, Hayley L. Beggs, Caden C. Carrasco, Bailey M. Cummings, Isabella B. B. Dake, Noah M. Feinauer, Alexis J. Gunther, Helen S. Habermehl, Baylee M. Hall, Ethan J. Hildebrant, Macy A. Irelan, Emilee E. Ketchum, Hanah K. Khan, Tristan G. Ladd, Jacob D. LaHaine, Roy W. Lamotte, Alexis N. Landis, Nolan M. Lehr, Reghan L. LePior, Willow C. MacLaughlin, Marley R. Marrah, Lucy M. Marsh, Aviana J. Minton, Sophia N. Montenegro, David H. C. Neese, Jaysen R. Newell, Michaela D. Nichols, Marlaina L. R. Palmer, Noah R. Parker, Kennedy B. Peplinski, Alexander G. Popovitch, Mia C. Racheter, Brooklin P. Reyna, Zachary C. Richmond, Logan S. Sarrazin, Paige E. Sego, Cali R. Spalding, Keanan R. Springer, Angel A. Thomas, Troy N. Tickner, Kyra A. Waldner, Carly A. White, Hannah A. Yerian, Jayme A. Zelenka.


GPA of 3.0 to 3.49 - Keegan E. Adams, Zachary L. Adams, Alexus N. Andrews, Keegan S. Barnum, Christina M. Boet, Tehya A. Bradford, Jamie L. Brown, Damon C. Burdick, Heidi M. Chapko, Dezirae J. Crooks, Cayden J. Cummings, Brett D. Czarnopys, Charles F. DeWeese, Alana C. Dotts, Maya L. Edwards, Abigail L. Erb, Cody M. Fields, Charles R. Goldman, Kyle L. Harris, Caitlin E. Harte, Madalyn R. Hasyn, Madison V. Hathon, Seth M. Hintz, Jacob M. Hockman, Connor W. Holifield, Julie L. Jungerheld, Cheyanne L. Mellen, Christopher J. Ott Jr, David M. R. Palmer, Cameron C. Rowlison, Jena L. Samson, Alexis A. Simons, Emma J. St Onge, Marcus S. Walker, Corey D. A. Welch, Chelsea L. Wilson, Theodore J. Worthington, Chayse S. Zalecki.



GPA of 4.00 and above - Claire L. Agnew, Paige M. Box, Amanda M. Brainerd, Persephone E. Chapko, Kenzee M. DeFrenn, Abigail E. Dryer, Jenaya R. Hill, Tyler M. Hufnagel, Kendall M. Ihm, Emma N. Johnson, Justin E. Johnson, Julianna C. Loomis, Jamie R. Maier, Adam C. Marcotte, Liam X. McGraw, Olivia C. McIntyre, Mallory M. Mosher, Conner A. Norton, Emily M. Pumford, Tony Reyes III, Marisa A. Rose, Olivia M. Savage, Alayna K. Scripter, Sydney D. Somers, Brielle R. Sovis, Natalie R. Thayer, Hope L. Vetter, Sophie E. Voss, Elijah J. L. Whiteside, Hannah G. Wisenbaugh.


GPA of 3.5 to 3.99 - Liliana M. Ackley, Hunter R. Babcock, Destiny D. Balsley, Julia K. Beckman, Alexander S. Binger, Madison A. Bradley, David M. Burns, Laniece E. Bush, Kaylee N. Chapman, Tanner J. Cummings, Hugh J. Doyle, James G. Elford, Brandon L. Ellsworth, Zachary R. Evon, Shane M. Fisher, Corey M. Gates, Seth J. Gibbs, Emma L. M. Gilliam, Kate S. Grinnell, Samantha J. Harris, Katherine R. Haun, Carlie J. Henning, Adam M. Holley, Simranjit Kaur, Joseph C. Kaye, Kietel A. Keyes, Alexis M. Kimmel, Alex J. Krawczyk, Taylor R. Lange, Devyn T. Lewis, Jackson R. W. Lintner, Madison S. Lorencz, Courtney K. Lott, Alece M. McGregor, Everett J. McVay, Gwendolyn E. R. Millar, Sophia A. Nidefski, Natalie Q. Nolph, Noah S. Norman, Grace E. Perry, Staci N. Petlach, Monae E. Pettigrew, Jacob W. Porter, Quenten A. Rann, Lacie M. Riddle, Faith E. Rogers, Elizabeth L. Rood, Alexander M. Rutledge, Peyton A. Sink, Ashley K. Squires, Isabella M. St Clair, Camden M. Stewart, Corbin M. Thompson, Deus T. Tobey, John A. Tuttle, Lily A. Usher, Cooper R. Walker, Lily A. Whitcomb, Olivia R. Wiley, Charlie B. Winebarger, Celeste R. Wiseley, Brieanna M. Wood, Brieanna M. Wood, Ava L. Zeller.


GPA of 3.0 to 3.49 - Brian H. Arnett, Brennen J. Baran, Kailey B. Benjamin, Austin M. Bostwick, Ashlyn M. Burke, Mya L. Carie, Jordan R. Coggins, Collin J. Comstock, Laura J. Cornwell, Rebecca R. L. Deming, Tyler A. Dewley, Audrey E. Engel, Anton B. English, Christian E. Gage, Carly R. Grinnell, Sarah J. Haddix, Paige R. Hart, Gavin R. Holmes, Isabel R. Jenkins, Blake M. Kenyon, Ian J. Klein, Carter D. Kline, Jakob T. Lauback, Jakob W. Lawrence, Samual R. Levitski, Kyle A. Martindale, Bailey M. Miller, Leah U. Miller, Arthur L. Mills Jr, Samuel G. Nethaway, Hannah J. Ostipow, Alyson L. Pouillon, Ethan H. Read, Trevor A. Reinholz, Kailea A. Rye, K'dyn D. Saul, Evelyn G. Sheaffer, Barbara M. Shepard, Parker W. Spencer, Hunter T. J. Tarbell, Zachary S. Warth, Zachary D. Wieler, Rylie L. Yeiter.